Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Police :: Ghost in the Machine

The Police :: Ghost in the MachineSo, I've been in this '80s groove for a little while. As a kid, there were about six 8-tracks that my parents used to play the crap out of. I'm sure they will all make their way here in good time. One of those releases that I own and still enjoy, however, is Ghost in the Machine, by The Police.

Sometimes poopifying a CD is fun because the CD was sort of poopy to begin with. In this case, though, I think Sting would just sort of look at this list and shake his head a little bit, then walk away. And that's good enough for me!

Here's another classic ... poopified.

1. Spirits In The Poop World
2. Every Little Poop She Does Is Magic
3. Invisible Poop
4. Hungry For Poop
5. Demolition Poop
6. Too Much Poop
7. Re-Humanise Your Poop
8. One Poop (Not Three)
9. Poopman
10. Secret Poop
11. Poopness

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Air Supply :: Greatest Hits

Air Supply :: Greatest HitsOkay, after having REO Speedwagon songs stuck in my head for days, I tried my best to shake it. Of course, it went from bad to worse. I've had Air Supply stuck in there all day. And I just couldn't keep that to myself. Fortunately for you, I've softened the blow by adding the word poop to the song titles.

These guys were asking for it, though. I mean, really, they had the nerve to call this collect Greatest Hits. What's that all about?

So, without further ado, here is the doo-doo.

1. Lost in Poop
2. Even the Poops Are Better
3. The Poop That You Love
4. Every Poop In The World
5. Poops
6. Making Poop Out Of Nothing At All
7. All Out Of Poop
8. Here I Poop
9. Sweet Poops

Monday, March 17, 2008

REO Speedwagon :: The Hits

REO Speedwagon :: The HitsSometimes I choose an album to poopify because it is a classic or a personal favorite. Sometimes, the album is just well ... poopy. Today is one of those poopy albums. Now I know there are a lot of REO Speedwagon fans out there (though I've yet to really meet one), so please know that this is all subjective. Besides, once we add the word 'poop' to these song titles, I think you'll agree that they are really funny.

Ladies and Germs, this probably the best Poopy Music post to date.

1. I Don't Want To Poop You
2. Poop With Me
3. Poop With The Changes
4. Keep On Pooping You
5. That Ain't Poop
6. Poop It On The Run
7. In My Poop
8. Don't Let Him Poop
9. Can't Fight This Poop
10. Keep Poopin'
11. Time For Me To Poop
12. One Poopy Night
13. Poop On The Road Again
14. Ridin' The Poop Out (Live!)

Okay, now for some real fun. Sing along and imagine the song is about pooping. Or, you know, sing along in Spanish if you want. What ever floats your ... um ... boat - yeah, your boat.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Warrant :: Cherry Pie

Okay, that last post on Motley Crue put me in a hair band state of mind. And you really can't get into a discussion about hair bands without Warrant coming up right away - and for good reason. They were like Poison light. Same great taste, but not so filling.

Their pinnacle was Cherry Pie. They put out some albums afterward. And if I'm being totally honest, Dog Eat Dog, was a great album that came out at the wrong time. Still, they'll always be known for this album right here, spawning 4 pretty big radio hits.

So break out the hair spray and spandex, it's time for some cherry pit...and poop.

1. Cherry Poop (or Poop Pie)
2. Uncle Tom's Poop
3. I Saw Poop
4. Bed Of Poop
5. Sure Feels Good To Poop
6. Poop In Stereo
7. Blind Poop
8. Song And Poop Man
9. You're The Only Hell Your Mama Ever Pooped
10. Mr. Poopmaker
11. Poop, Poop
12. Ode To Poop

Motley Crue :: Shout At The Devil

Motley Crue :: Shout At The DevilBefore The Heroin Diaries, before The Surreal Life, before the sex tape, Motley Crue was on top of the world. They were so whacked out on drugs that they could make records, forget what they played, then have to re-learn the songs before going out on tour. And touring, well that's a whole different chapter in debauchery.

Still, through it all, for about 8 solid years, they were the rock band that every other rock band was measured against. Sure, their lifestyle was legendary, but it worked because they backed it up with some top-shelf albums; Shout at the Devil is a perfect example. It's full of songs about devils, bad love, and now...poop.

1. In the Poop
2. Shout at the Poop (or Poop at the Devil)
3. Poops That Kill
4. Pooptard
5. God Bless the Poop of the Beast
6. Poop Skelter
7. Red Pop
8. Too Young to Fall in Poop
9. Poop 'Em Dead, Kid
10. Ten Seconds to Poop
11. Pooper

Friday, March 7, 2008

Bullet For My Valentine :: Scream Aim Fire

Exciting thing are happening in metal circles these days. Young bands are taking aggro attitude and combining it with old-school thrash sensibilities. The result is as about as over the top as it gets. One of my favorite of this new breed of metal has to be Bullet For My Valentine. Their latest release, Scream Aim Fire, is insanely good.

The only thing that makes it better is adding the poop to these song titles. Really, isn't doesn't get much better than these.

1. Scream Aim Poop
2. Poop Of The Storm
3. Hearts Burst Into Poop (or Poops Burst Into Fire)
4. Waking The Poop (Pooping the Demon)
5. Disapoop
6. Deliver Us from Poop
7. Poop It Out On Me
8. Say Poop
9. End Of Poop
10. Last To Poop
11. Forever And Poop

Monday, March 3, 2008

Aerosmith :: Pump

They are one of the biggest rock bands ever. And Pump is probably their highest selling album ever. I'm sure that everybody knows at least four songs from this album. When you substitute the word poop into the song titles, though, you get to know them in a whole new way.

Pump this.

1. Poop Lust
2. P.O.O.P
3. Poop In An Elevator
4. Poop On My Back
5. Janie's Got A Poop
6. The Other Poop
7. Poop Girl
8. Don't Get Mad, Get Poop
9. Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Poop
10. What It Poops